I am a Mama first and a licensed psychotherapist who has loved working with families and children, and individual men and women for over 20 years.

I adore helping all kinds of parents go from not always feeling confident in their parenting, or worse, losing steam or joy in their parenting journey, to standing upright, laying down at night with peace in their heart, sleeping better, and having a solid and ever-growing confidence that they have what they need inside of them to help their children thrive and succeed.

As a Mama, I’m probably a lot like you in having fallen in love with my children and at the same time having seen the awesome responsibility for bringing these little people into adulthood happy, whole and healthy. Like you, I’m betting, I wanted to do my best….I wanted to learn everything I could to help my children feel loved, capable and successful. I wanted to “succeed” in my job as a parent.

Maybe like you, I also experienced first hand that life happens…and not always in the ways I had planned or that I liked, and at times in ways that involved loss and trauma.

And perhaps like you, I experienced how challenging loss and trauma in family life can be. I'm betting like you, I wanted with my whole heart to help my child through really tough circumstances, and I didn’t always know how…or at least I didn’t always feel very confident that I was truly able to help my child.

Through family life and many years of working with hundreds of parents and children, I have come to see this process of parenting and growing ourselves as a journey…really a hero’s journey that is about love and disappointment, joy and pain, and being stretched so far that we get to see who we really are…and who we can become for ourselves and for our children.

Along the way, I fell in love with attachment work, because it involves all of this. It involves being authentic and parenting in such a way that your child stays connected to you and to their authentic selves, which is essential for well-being. I learned through this work with hundreds of families that there are some really solid, heart-centered parenting tools that work. And there are some old parenting practices we definitely need to let go of…all of it in service to becoming more real and more in touch with the lives we want to create for ourselves and our children. And one of my biggest learnings about the family journey is how important support and community is.

So I invite you to visit this space often…a space I am creating for Mamas and Papas like you, to become part of your family journey community.  Look for courses that will give you the distilled information you want (*look above or to the side to join my email list so I can let you know all we have planned for you) and for regular love-filled and neuroscience-based wisdom to guide and support you along your way. Look, too, for juicy nuggets like recipes that help you and your children learn & succeed and ideas for your home life that just make family living smoother.

I’m behind you. You can do this…we can do this…because we’re all in this together.  We're better together!

I can’t wait to see you real soon!  Kathy

P.S.  I have a master’s degree in Marriage & Family Counseling and have been licensed since 2000. My areas of expertise include healing attachment wounds (in children and adults), trauma, loss, anxiety, family wellness and personal growth.  Some of my favorite things to do are spending time with my awesome grown sons and daughters-in-law, yoga, dance, all things outdoors, listening to music, reading, meditating, learning from amazing teachers and community, and finding out with each new year what I can do that I thought before I couldn't.