“Kathy helped my son and our family get through a very challenging period with great compassion and wisdom. Her ability to build a safe, supportive, nurturing relationship with my son won his trust quickly. My son always enjoyed his sessions and I learned valuable insights into how to better address and support my son’s needs as well as my own. Learning how to be present, to listen and be open to my son during hard times and all times seems to me the most important message I gained. I appreciate Kathy’s intention to address the whole family environment and consider the child’s whole environment as crucial elements for healing and change. Kathy’s approach is very gentle and well-informed.”
R.A., Mother of 2, Boulder, CO


“Kathy has seen several of my patients. She provides excellent counseling for adults, and also for children and families, so I refer to her for all of the above. Kathy is one of those counselors that you can rely on for professionalism, and for vigorous, ongoing self-education, learning new techniques and philosophies, so she provides a mature, multi-faceted counsel. I have been in Family Practice medicine for 28 years and have used counselors in many different capacities. The reason I refer preferentially to Kathy is because I trust her skills and her heart. She has an angelic connection to children, and I think to the family unit as well. People trust her to really be thinking about what is best for them and not just acting from some protocol learned in her counseling education. People love to be in her presence. They open up to her and feel cared for by her. Some of my patients say that they feel that she is listening to what they say… and to what they mean. Sometimes she helps people to realize what they have been meaning to express all along and couldn’t until they saw her! Finally, what I have seen is that in Kathy’s office those realizations tend to come about in positive, loving ways, not out of fear or anger.”
Paul Berger, M.D., Boulder, CO


“With Kathy, I have moved through obstacles in my life I never thought were possible to overcome.”
C.S., Denver, CO


“Kathy is extraordinarily skilled and talented at attuning to the needs of her clients, helping them to stabilize their emotions and form healthy relationships with themselves and others. My experience and standards, as a psychotherapist myself, are high and she is truly the best in the field of attachment and bonding work, which is why I see her personally. Thank you for your amazing work, Kathy. You continue to help me so much! ”
H. M.A., L.P.C., Boulder, CO


“My husband and I didn’t have the skills to help our emotional children. Kathy gave us the skills to help them. Her child-centered approach was just what we needed. Our children are now happy, confident and able to deal with their emotions in a healthy way. When we started therapy, we didn’t know how filial play would help. We needed help and we were ready to try anything. We were delighted as we saw our children’s issues resolve. We feel that filial play was a major aspect of their healing. At first, we couldn’t understand how filial play could be helpful. It turned out to be crucial to our child’s growth back to emotional health· We are so grateful that we met Kathy.”
A.G., Mother of 4, Boulder, CO


“When families ask for referrals to adoption competent therapists, I give them Kathy Kinskey’s name. I have known Kathy since 2003 when she was working at Mental Health Partners. Kathy created and ran the “Strengthening Attachment with Your Child” group as well as provided strong clinical interventions to high needs, adoptive families, while at Mental Health Partners. In her private practice, Kathy serves many adoptive families. Kathy is skilled in assisting families and youth in working through trauma and loss issues often associated with adoption. She is also adept at assisting families in working with attachment and bonding difficulties and challenging behaviors. Kathy is able to provide high-quality, attachment and trauma informed clinical interventions to high needs adoptive families. She brings a great sense of compassion and understanding to her work. Families whom I have referred to Kathy have greatly benefitted from her therapeutic approach.”
Suzanne Daniels, LCSW, Adoptive Family Specialist, Boulder County Housing & Human Services, Boulder, CO


“Kathy is a very skilled psychotherapist dedicated to helping her clients live from a place of their strongest and highest level of functioning. Kathy’s specialty is working with children, teens, and their parents in strengthening their attachment bond but she also works with many other issues confronting children, teens, and parents. She is passionate about her work and is motivated to enhance the quality of life and relationships for as many clients as she can. Kathy, herself, speaks true to her life’s work as she is continually striving to reach her maximum potential by educating herself and developing herself both professionally and personally. I’ve participated in a professional peer support group with Kathy and have been impressed with her knowledge and the passion that she brings to her work, thus, greatly contributing to the work and life of others around her. Kathy’s enthusiasm to truly help others is matched only by her genuineness, sincerity, kindness and compassion. It’s been a privilege to know such an outstanding individual. Anyone having Kathy on their team will be very fortunate.”
Deborah Kawakami, M.A., L.P.C., Licensed Psychotherapist, Denver, CO


“…I’ve listened to the topics that Kathy has hosted/presented and they immediately had a positive impact on my relationship with our youngest adopted son. They helped myself and our sons’ therapist deal with the trauma they had from their lives before coming to our home at the ages of 5 and 3 years old. One topic I had listened to was about prenatal attachment and how emotions are stored pre-verbally. As a result of using that information, I can say that my sons can now see a woman as having healthy authority and empowerment.”
R.R., Mother of 2, Longmont, CO


“I recommend Kathy because of who I know her to be. She has an uncanny intuition with children and an uncompromised passion for working with families. She brings with her patience, compassion and a commitment to educate so that this, as well as future generations, can grow and thrive into healthy adults who will, in turn, raise healthy children. To this end, Kathy has a unique skill set and extensive experience working with children. Her expertise specifically is with attachment challenges and complex trauma histories in children. I highly recommend her.”
Robyn Fusco, M.A., L.P.C., Licensed Psychotherapist, Longmont, CO


“This interview [by Kathy Kinskey] with Nils Bergman was so beautiful. I felt I was walking through a somatization of what I felt instinctually was the right way to be with my son in the NICU as opposed to what happened and what was permitted. I was particularly affected by the dance of the hormones as he described it between mother and baby in the first hours, the first six hours and then in the first six to eight weeks [of life]. I also resonated with the huge discrepancy between [my] hospital[‘s] practice of waiting until the infant is stabilized to allow contact versus the importance of skin to skin contact and allowing that the contact is stabilizing in itself, which many mothers know instinctively because it also regulates them. But medically you are made to feel guilty…” that feels like it might be for you as well” as this becomes suspect as ‘the mother’s need’ for comfort, attachment, purpose, identity.” I appreciated how Nils walked us gently down the path of the mother as essential and biochemically as part of the reciprocal relationship. Becoming a mother is a biochemical process dependent on the presence of the baby. I appreciate what you do so much Kathy Kinskey! Thanks.”
Margery Segal, Mother, MA, RSMT, IDME, Certified Mind Body Centering® Practitioner, Austin, TX


“Kathy Kinskey has been enormously helpful to our family. We first visited her to help with one person [child] in the family who was having terrible meltdowns, but all of us have been helped by her insights and support. I can’t speak to why EMDR works, or how! but it is powerful medicine. I recommend Kathy Kinskey in particular, and EMDR and trauma therapy in general, to anyone who has perhaps reached the limits of traditional talk therapy’s helpfulness. ”
C.N., Boulder, CO


“I highly recommend Kathy for her excellent work with our sons. They were going through a highly traumatic situation and she was able to use different modalities to help them integrate trauma. Dancing and singing were fun for our 4 and 6-year-olds, as they integrated anger and sorrow and were given permission to “feel”. She would give them cute certificates of completion. As a foster and then adoptive mother, who was dealing with overwhelming depression and manias at the time, Kathy always made me feel honored and in charge of the situation. I will never forget how much she was able to do with “little,” with a game that taught our younger son boundaries. To this day we all use the term “space bubble violation” when we are feeling encroached upon at home. This is almost 12 years later or maybe more and I remember her smiling eyes, positive outlook and complete love for what she did. I want more parents to have a chance for a powerful and empowering interaction with a therapist like Kathy.”
R., Lafayette, CO