Ever wish you just knew, REALLY knew that you were right on track with your parenting? Does it sometimes seem hard to know what parenting advice you should listen to? Do you find yourself reverting back to parenting that doesn’t feel so great because you don’t have other tools that work? Today’s video will be a treat for you dear parent, because there is one parenting tool that is CORE to your child’s best development and to you feeling good about yourself as a parent…and to you knowing you have a bond with your child that is strong and loving and sets your child up for success in every area…of their life.

I am not exaggerating even slightly; if you don’t pick up any other parenting tool in your years of parenting, let this be the one that you grab, practice every day and master. In fact, if there was only one parenting tool I could tell my younger Mama self about earlier, this would, without question, be THE ONE THING I would want my younger Mama self to know about–above everything else.  Because, when you use this tool regularly, you see changes in your child and in yourself that feel good to your heart and assure you over time that your child is getting what they need, is strong and growing into their best self. I say this as both a long time Mama and licensed counselor: This skill is, indeed, The Most Important Parenting Skill You’ll Ever have.


Author: kathy

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2 thoughts on “The Most Important Parenting Skill You’ll Ever Have

  1. Kathy,
    Bravo! I just got done listening to your Blog regarding empathy. Very powerful, I even got teary eyed at one point. It definitely felt like this hits at the core of being a human being. Whether one is a parent, child, sibling, spouse or even a friend. And further, incredibly enlightening, I never thought of intelligence being connected to emotions on any level. But if we can feel, connect, discuss/share and put our emotions into words, we have and can develop our coping skills, become a part of our social network and even expand that circle. I thought this blog also pointed out something that is huge. When we release, that feeling of exhaling, we can move on and put our focus on the next thing calling our attention without having this distraction running in the background of our mind. So of course this will give us freedom to be present which that in itself can be empowering. You seem very passionate (incredibly human), professional, well-spoken. I so look forward to your next blog. When will it be coming out?

    Posted on August 26, 2018 at 10:32 pm
    1. Gosh, thank you Deb. Your post made me teary eyed. It is amazing, isn’t it, to realize our emotions, when we know how to navigate them, are a part of our whole intelligence?! I’m so glad you are here! Next video will be an interview about raising children with built in positive relationships skills so they go into their adult relationships with more ease and fulfillment. Let me know what you think!

      Posted on November 13, 2018 at 11:45 pm