Tantrums and meltdowns can be so bewildering and maddening.  It’s one of the most common reasons parents reach out to me.  It’s also one of the most common places where old parenting myths and practices show up that keep tantrums going and don’t deal with the root cause of the tantrum.  So what to do


with this situation that can feel out of control, embarrassing,  exhausting, maddening…      

and overwhelming???  Today’s video deals with just that.  It takes empathic listening to a different level by combining it with information to help us consider what often drives this behavior.  And that information can be critical to help us to look at this behavior as a signal to underlying issues that, if not dealt with, will continue to cause our kids problems now and in the future.  If we only see and meet this as a “tempter tantrum” our child’s signal to us is lost.  So is our deeper instinct to respond to their signals.   The problem is that if we parents don’t have the information we need to look at what is driving this challenging behavior in our child, it is very likely we will fall back on old parenting practices and thinking.  So this video will give you some needed information to help you have a new way of looking at and working with this behavior.  Do be sure to watch part 2 on Taming Tantrums, coming soon, to get more inspiration for dealing with tantrums in the moment that they are happening.  Because when you have the information you need as a parent, you are empowered to make a difference in your child and in your family.  You get the confidence you need to rest well and begin each day with that feeling of being able to fully enjoy your relationship with your child knowing that you have what you need to help your child be their best selves.

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