Have you ever witnessed a tantrum, as a parent or as an adult in the grocery store and had a wide array of feelings come up about what that meant?  Maybe you felt judgement come up or as a parent felt worried and stuck because you didn’t know what the tantrums were about.

Or maybe, if the tantrum was happening with your child, you got lots of “looks” from other parents or family members that left you feeling inadequate and upset with your child.

Yet, many times with challenging behaviors, as parents we don’t know where to turn to get the right advice.  Or if we do get advice, something about it doesn’t quite feel right even though it may promise a quick “end to this ‘out of control’ behavior once and for all.”   You may have heard advice and comments like,

“It’s obvious who has the control in your household.”


“Better get that kid under control now.  Or it’s going to be really bad when he gets bigger.”

So to discover a different, short and long-term solution, we began with the pre-video to this video, where we talked about 2 Major Causes of Tantrums and 4 Keys for Dealing with and Preventing Them.  You can watch that here: http://www.kathykinskey.com/taming-tantrums-part

Today we’re taking that further as we go into 

8 Steps for Handling Tantrums–that Heal the Root Cause of Why They’re Happening.  While this approach won’t heal the physical causes of tantrums that we talked about in Taming Tantrums-Part 1, it does help us to listen more closely, investigate and take the steps necessary in order to address such causes.   We talk about a different paradigm for understanding and responding to tantrums, beginning with the response within you 1st.

You’ll find you have a new way of looking at this behavior and after watching both Taming Tantrums 1 & 2, you’ll have some real solutions that will boost your confidence for

dealing with this in the short term and in the long term.

After you watch, I’d love to hear from you!  Do share:

Which of the 8 Steps for Taming Tantrums resonated with you the most and what step will you put into action today?

Do leave your comments in the section below as this is such an important conversation where parents need more support, inspiration and yeah,  a little (or a lot!) of love.  Your sharing may inspire another parent who is feeling lost or struggling with this challenge with their child.

Thanks so much for being here and being a part of this conversation.  I appreciate you in such a big way!

P.S.  To get the mentioned resources I talk about in this video, you can google kathy kinskey youtube Taming Tantrums Part 2 and click on SHOW MORE underneath the video.  Do share below before you go though!

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